Every poet on earth lives on another kind of planet A planet not yet discovered, an interesting one You look at her and she talks with herself in the other world She asks herself “What is he really staring at?”   Every single expression you make Every word that comes out of your mouth Can be used against you because She is made up of expressions and words   When you stare directly in her eyes Just know that you lost her to the other world A world made up of words She says to herself in herself “Eyes like a sunrise, like a rainfall Down my soul and I wonder why he looks at me like that What is he thinking? What’s behind that look? Just don’t tell me but it feels like love.


It is funny how we make rational excuses for being out of alignment Elizabeth Gilbert said “Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts and you are the slave to your thoughts” Whether you like it or not, things will happen Things happen everyday of our lives and will forever happen Things you can’t stop Things you do not have control of The decision lies with you Will you allow your emotions be in control or focus?   Must you react to everything?

IF I SHOULD DIE TODAY by ekuba ezia

Many times, the thought of fear ITSELF Is greater than ONESELF Someone once said “Fear is an aid to the warrior” “It is a small fire burning” “It heats the muscles, making us stronger” “Panic comes when the fire is out of control, consuming all courage and pride” We are made to fear death but


Perfection is irony Perfection only exist as a word to qualify things It doesn’t exist in real life You can be excellent or very good at something but You can never be perfect at it because you still have a lot to learn The world upgrades itself every now and then and Every man hits a stage in life where he goes to rest   You can have a good life but You can never have a perfect life There is nothing like “PERFECT LIFE” That is why you can find a very pretty lady with a very bad attitude or character That is why you will find a rich man with no child  

YOUR LOVE MAKES ME WANNA…. by ekuba ezia

The first time I met YOU was when I turned 13 I had heard of love but I hadn’t experienced love I couldn’t have imagined that a man can be as loving as YOU are No one could ever love me like you do There was never a day you left me alone and I know for sure that there will never be a day you will leave me alone   I just want to take time to express how amazing you are I know that I don’t say it quite often but I truly love you Thank you for being you I want to share this feeling with every one on the planet because it’s overwhelming I waited for a man all my life because I couldn’t take the pressure The pressure from my peers A true experience with you, was enough for me to fall in deep love with you I love you with every bit of me and I will never trade you for anything   You have been the one who fulfils my dreams I couldn’t spend my life without you No! Not even for a second You always make yourself available when I need you Yes, you do because you made me understand that Even your silence, is an answer to my call I’m hoping that we will be together for all times Till the end of the world   I am becoming a better version of myself all because of you When I’m with you I feel like everything is possible You will always be my superhero You give me shelter when I need to rest and hide from the outside world You give me comfort when I’m distressed


In the beginning, after God created heaven and earth He created man, a HE Later, he realized that man, the HE, needed a woman, a SHE because The workload was too much Man, the HE, needed a helper, a SHE  Meaning, Man, the HE was on Gods mind Perhaps, if the workload wasn’t much, There would have been no need for a help, a SHE  A woman, wouldn’t have existed   When you come to the world of alphabets There can never be a SHE without a HE Without a HE, the letter S is pronounced “333sss” The presence of a HE, an H and an E changes it completely to a SHE   We have to come to the understanding as women and Stop fighting irrelevant battles Fighting for equal rights with men To rule Two rulers can never live under one roof This, has been the cause of so many broken homes   Each gender is very unique and Was made to help each other and Not to fight for power