As I sat on my bed one morning, suffering from camp fever and thinking of what to type, the word versatile crossed my mind. I felt to write on being versatile, as I    prepared for camp. I wish you joined me for the camp. I am sure some of us are very familiar with this word because of Okyeame Kwame’s song, ‘Mr. versatile’. Is there Miss Versatile? Well, I believe it is a choice. Someone may ask about what it means to be versatile. To my best of knowledge, being versatile is possessing the ability to adapt or to be adapted to many different functions or activities. Also, being versatile is one’s ability to change easily from one activity to another or ability to be used for many purposes. It also comes down to adapting to different skills. Other synonyms are, all-round, multifaceted, multi-talented, multi-skilled, many-sided, resourceful and protean. I am very sure there are a lot more but this what I know so far.


My life as an entrepreneur has been one interesting experience and a life transforming moment that makes me never want to quit being an entrepreneur, despite the challenges that comes with it. Let us get chatting. Somewhere 2016 during my National Service in Pokuase-Mayera, I felt this strong edge to do business, though I didn’t know what kind of business. At that same time, I had the idea of an educational project, Violaforeducation campaign, providing educational materials to pupils in rural areas. I had to put the education project on hold because I did not have enough resources to work on it.