As I sat on my bed one morning, suffering from camp fever and thinking of what to type, the word versatile crossed my mind. I felt to write on being versatile, as I    prepared for camp. I wish you joined me for the camp. I am sure some of us are very familiar with this word because of Okyeame Kwame’s song, ‘Mr. versatile’. Is there Miss Versatile? Well, I believe it is a choice. Someone may ask about what it means to be versatile. To my best of knowledge, being versatile is possessing the ability to adapt or to be adapted to many different functions or activities. Also, being versatile is one’s ability to change easily from one activity to another or ability to be used for many purposes. It also comes down to adapting to different skills. Other synonyms are, all-round, multifaceted, multi-talented, multi-skilled, many-sided, resourceful and protean. I am very sure there are a lot more but this what I know so far.

There are people out there who admire individuals who are versatile. My question is, what is so different about them? I believe that, though it is involving, it doesn’t take much to be versatile. Nothing good comes easily. You first have to make up your mind and work at it. Inspirational speakers will say that, it takes focus and hard work to be versatile but practically speaking, I will say that, it takes, God, focus, sacrifices, good time management, hard work, a selfless lifestyle, a cheerful heart and a strong mind to be versatile.

Multi-tasking, personally speaking, is very interesting and a lovely experience, though frustrating sometimes. The good thing is, it pays, a lot. If care isn’t taken, one who is versatile may end up not making friends because they have so much to do but, there is a need to balance it because you can never do everything, all by yourself. They find peace, joy and a sense of fulfilment in producing results. They are result oriented.

There is a need for you to be versatile because you may never know when you will find yourself wanting in life. Life is so interesting that, it takes you through some stages in life that requires being versatile. Without this, you may end up diverting or probably, be on your way to destruction. What do I mean by this? When hardship hits you so bad, what do you do? Imagine that there is no source of income or flow, no family, no friends, no job, though you may or may not have a degree? As a young guy or young lady, you may end up indulging in immoral acts or social vices like, theft, prostitution, being fraudulent and a lot more which definitely, will lead you to destruction or your grave at an early stage.

What is the essence of indulging in social vices when you have the choice to be versatile? Being versatile goes beyond education, though education plays a role.

What will you do if your career fails you? What if every company out there is full up and there are no more spaces for new employees?

To my lovely ladies out there, what if you get married as a lady and there is a need for you to put a hold to your career? What if your husband loses his job? Do you go begging friends for support? This state usually comes with too many temptations. I believe that some temptations will be irrelevant if we do the right things or things expected of us. Make up your mind now because you are or will one-day be a help to a man. Being a help goes beyond satisfying his sexual need, cooking and babysitting. Personally, I don’t mind hawking, if the need arises. It all depends on how you package yourself and whatever product or service you have to offer out there.

If it will take me, carrying oranges to support my husband in order to sustain my family, who cares? I could do that in a more professional and catchy way. It is all a state of mind. Someone will ask, what will people think? I stopped asking myself this question, a long time ago. I want to ask you, who are the people? We sometimes worry about nothing. The people you are referring to also have their own problems. For all you know, no one out there probably has thoughts about you. Isn’t it better and healthier to hawk than be with someone’s husband or beloved? Isn’t it better off than being a burden to my husband, instead of a help? In as much as, someone is taking money from you, you also have to think of how to take money from others, in a right way. It’s a give and take affair. Commit to your talents or skills, give it attention and work at it.

Don’t spend much of your time watching movies. There is time for everything in life. After you have achieved, no one will stop you from watching anything you want or having all the fun in the world. Don’t spend most of your time at the club, partying, visiting friends, gossiping. You got to use your time wisely and build yourself. Make time to read on your skills, aside your career. You will be surprised how versatile you will be.


Ekuba Ezia


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