Too many doctrines today

Everyone trying to prove a point based on what he or she thinks, feel and believe

What happened to seeking truth?

We claim we are looking for the truth, yet

We neglect truth when it comes our way


What other truth do we need when we have the word of God?

The word of God was meant to make life easier for you and I

Yet, we do not place value on the word as we are supposed to

What at all is the problem?

Everyone having his own understanding of scriptures

This is a clear sign that the church is not united

We lack unity and that is the reason for our struggles


What happened to asking the holy spirit for understanding and

Being patient to be taught by the Holy spirit

Who do you think is superior?

The Holy spirit or your own understanding?

The bible teaches us not to live on our own understanding


Everyone is an intellectual today

Everyone feels he or she knows

No one wants to be taught

No one is ready to learn

Everyone wants to be a boss

This is what I call selfishness

We are concerned about glory more than souls

Self-glory! Its vanity!

Let us put away ourselves and allow God be in control

He knows His world more than anyone in it

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