JUST HOLD ON by Ekuba Ezia

 It will get better but

Maybe it will take a while

Peace will come your way to take away the madness but

Maybe it will take a while

That miracle you are expecting will come your way but

Maybe it will take a while

It will be over but

Maybe it will take a while


God meant His words in Philippians 4:19 and I quote

“My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus”

This scripture doesn’t necessarily imply material needs

God is rich in Peace, Favor, Mercy, Love, and many more

He owns the world and controls everything in it

Just an instruction from Him will change your destiny

Therefore, material wealth is nothing to Him


Sometimes, silence from Him is an answer but

We never learn to accept that

We always expect Him to speak and quickly act but

We forget that He does what He wills because

He is God and not man

The supreme God

You can pray 20 hours and get silence from Him

That doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist or He can’t make it happen

He always act when necessarily per His perfect will

It is very hard to hold unto His word

When you are hit from every side in your journey

Where life goes so blur and all you see is darkness and a little light

The fact that there is a little light means there is hope

You may never know when the light will take over the darkness that you see

If only you could fight a little longer

You will be stronger and overcome

In times like this, seek for the strength to fight

Instead of complaining and whining 

Hold on to His word every second, every minute, every hour

All the days of your life

Just Hold on to His word forever till He comes for you

Ekuba Ezia

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