It’s hard, I know

It’s tough, I know

It looks like it doesn’t get better, I know

It looks like God is quiet on you


I have wrestled as well and I’m still wrestling

I’ve been broken many times

It gets very tempting when I begin to feel that I’ve been faithful enough

To go through all these

I have watched my breakthrough come close and shatter

I’ve been crumbled


All these years, I thought my breakthrough was in material possessions

Little did I know that my greatest breakthrough was in a personal conviction of You

A personal conviction that, you are God and Jesus is Lord

Not because it was preached or my parents asked me to but

Because I personally want to

Not because I’m scared of hell but

Because I decided to do so


I have come to understand that

The word perish in the context

“Whosoever believes in HIM will not Perish but have everlasting life”

Doesn’t necessarily represent hell


In our journey of life

We go through a lot of hell

It only takes one who believes in God to survive

That is when you go through severe hardship and still stay strong in your belief without dubious means

That is when you battle deadly sicknesses and diseases and still believe God for healing though the situation looks impossible

That is when life play you like a football, chased by a number of footballers

Yet, you don’t give up

You fight back in faith and know that it will end in praise


This is what I call love

Love I don’t deserve

Ekuba Ezia


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