I found myself in a world I had no idea about

A world full of darkness

A world that has no order in its dictionary

A world full of wickedness, pain, sorrow, jealousy, anger, backbite and envy

A world one kills to survive

Above all, a world full of destruction! sin!


At a point, I felt I was breathing my last breadth

I felt I walking my last steps because

There was no sense of direction

Neither was there a point of destination


Looking at all the tears I’ve wept

Not forgetting the promises I’ve kept

It was so dark that I saw no light

I searched for the light at wrong places

Till I met YOU

Just when I thought my journey had come to an end


You gave me the best gift ever, PURPOSE

Just when I thought my journey had come to an end

I asked YOU to forgive me my sins and YOU did

With no condemnation

I’m grateful for the times YOU HAVE spent with me so far

On my journey with YOU


I’ve seen the LIGHT

I’ve seen the savior

I’ve seen my LORD


I know that I don’t deserve YOUR kind of love

YOU took my failures

YOU took my weaknesses

I once was lost but now I’m found

There’s so much love in YOUR eyes


Streams of grace flows deep and wide

My sin and shame are taken away

Now my heart is at peace with the Lord

I have been found

All because you overcame death

Every stronghold has been broken

Every high thing has come down

I’m grateful just because

I have been found!


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