I do wonder how life without YOU will look like

Cope in a world I do not belong to

I sometimes wonder how I’m going to make it

In a land I do not belong to


I need YOUR love more than anything

How do I survive with all these as a stranger that I am?


I learnt to depend on YOU solely because

Man can never make me

Though YOU use man to bless other lives


I realized living life without YOU is a waste of time

I used to think being an orphan was a very crucial state

In the life of a person but

It was all wrong!

The only crucial state you can find yourself is when you do not have JESUS CHRIST

YOU fill my guilt with joy


I just can’t imagine me without YOU

I can’t do anything without YOU

The ideas YOU give me and

The energy YOU grace me with

To execute ideas given me by YOU

Not forgetting the still voice that speaks to me 

Anytime I attempt to go wayward

You make me see hope in worse situations


Anything I tried to make it on my own, FAILED

That was when I realized and concluded that I cannot live without YOU

I surrender my everything

My body, My mind, My Soul, My weaknesses, My strengths, My abilities

Take absolute control over me

Take it all!!!


I cannot live without YOU even when I get married because

YOU will be the very reason for our existence

YOU will be the reason for a successful marriage

Therefore, I cannot live without YOU

That is why I conclude that

I just can’t live without YOU







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