From nowhere, I appeared

I appeared in a world I had no idea about

In the arms of a very beautiful woman I had no idea about

Though it was my first day seeing her

Her smile alone, welcomed me

She made me feel like home though I didn’t know how or what a home look like

There, in her arms

I figured out she is responsible for me


I wondered

Kept on wondering

I wondered what exactly I was to do in this world I find myself

Hm! I kept on wondering and I still wonder

Though my life unfolds in phases


This woman was all I had

My mother! Best friend! Prayer warrior!

She accepts me just the way I am but

Today, she is no more

Death has taken her away from me


I am now left alone in this world

It’s me against the world

How could you leave me alone in this world?

You shared in my tears, pain, and joy

There’s nothing left of me without you

Just take a look at me now

There is nothing!

Absolutely nothing else to remind me of you

Except memories with you


Rest in Peace Mother!



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