You are a woman with WORTH but

He makes you feel like you are NOTHING without him

You are a woman who loves God so much and

Wouldn’t want to hurt HIM in anyway but

He says, “SEX or No relationship”

You are scared to LOSE him

All in the name of LOVE


Fear sets in and you begin to feel your world

Will come to an end when you let him go

It gets worse when they say,

“We give sex to keep our boyfriend’s, we all do!”

Its so sad to know that an impression like this exist


I do know, that sex, play a major role in marriage

I do not know about dating and courtship

I met a woman who said

“The population of women exceed men, therefore as a woman, you need to do anything, underlined, anything the man wants, in order for him to marry you”


It saddens my heart to see relationships

Where young ladies are beaten as thieves

All in the name of being corrected

It saddens my heart to see relationships

Where young ladies are been used by their boyfriends

To make money from other men

By sleeping with them


What at all is wrong?

Where is our worth as women? Young ladies!

There can always be a starting point over and over


I do not care about your mistakes because

We all made mistakes at some point

I do not care about your imperfections because

No one is perfect

I do not care if you are tagged the worst of ladies in the world because

I do not believe in past but future.

You can never bring back past into being but

You can bring future into being


I want you to know that there is a JESUS who loves you

HE loves you more than you can imagine

HE can treat you better than he can

HE’S the best gentle man I’ve ever met


Why are you wasting time?

He wakes up with you but he’s not everywhere with you

To protect you

My Jesus is Omnipresent

HE’s everywhere

I just want to give you LOVE

Better than you think he gives you

HE doesn’t fake it because HIS nature is love

HE will love you till the end of time

What more do you need?


Anyone who doesn’t love God can never love you

Be very careful who you choose to date or marry because

He either help you grow in the Lord or

Distract you from the Lord.



  1. Increase the volume!!!!! Tell them oooh.
    I know it difficult to abstain from sex but we can help each other to do so. Not forgetting the holy spirit our helper.
    Any as you talk to the lady, talk to the one giving the pressure for sex, the man.

    Liked by 1 person

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