Sometimes I wished I never woke up

To see or feel depression, disappointment, mistrust and failure

It baffles my mind why I do, because

The battle gets very tough a times and

All I feel is jump into the sea to be swallowed but

The sea wont just swallows me for reasons I’m yet to discover


Growing up, I was told that,

Choosing the right path comes with a price

I wondered what price it was

Till I began experiencing it

A world I live in

A world where its systems only favors those who conform to it

It only takes the brave hearted to stand firm and do what’s right

Though we all have our downfalls but

Do you know what keeps me going?


The fact that God gives me the opportunity to see brand new days

Is a sign to know that HE’s not done with me yet

The fact that I still breath in the midst of hopelessness is a sign that HE hasn’t left me yet

The fact that my heart feels at peace in the midst of the storm is a sign that HE’s with me and

I’m not ready to disappoint HIM by leaving before my appointed time by committing suicide

Suicide isn’t an option because I don’t own my life

The creator does


In all my downfalls, mistakes, difficulties and success,

I noticed that HE leads me when my trust is without boarders

He let me walk upon the waters wherever HE finds me

HE takes me deeper than my feet could ever wander and

My faith is always made stronger in HIS presence because

I always call upon HIS name and keep my eyes above the waves

I don’t know what you are going through but trust me

He’s still with you and always will

Call on HIS name and HE will answer no matter the delay

For He is the main reason for your existence




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