Everyone has got a journey because

Everyone has a destiny

My journey may require a muddy, tard or a dusty road but

Your journey may not

Your journey may require somethings of you

Which I may not need in mine


There are too many religious activities going on

Where you find people impose their line of journey on others

With leadership positions as a medium, social media and religious gatherings

Tagging it with spirituality

Which is even wrongly understood


You find some Christians being judgmental with others

Just because they don’t do what they do

Apart from the general path of Christ

Every journey or destiny in life requires a unique path for accomplishment

Never feel intimidated by the attacks

Apart from an authority who has a say in your life

Just focus, else you will be swayed


This isn’t far from us

It happens all around us

Maybe you haven’t noticed it

Interestingly, you can be swept out of your destiny by a Christian brother or sister and

Not necessarily, the devil

Just make sure you are convicted of your assignment and its related activities or requirement

Then, we are good to go

Focus on your journey till your last breadth




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