Hello beautiful!

I am not here to judge you, trust me.

I do admire you a lot, I truly do.

Do you know why?

This is because, I strongly believe that you possess too much energy,

Courage and nerve to do what you do.  

Others may see the negative side but I see the positive side of you.


Sometimes, I just sit down and wonder how special you are

I wonder what you can achieve if all these qualities are diverted on the right path.

You are too pretty on the outside but I see a queen inside.

Will you agree with me that you have what it takes to pull crowd?

 Influence people and rule a nation?

I believe there are greater abilities inside of you,

Not yet discovered,

Only if you will pay more attention to your inner beauty rather than on the outside

Though the outside matters too.


You will be or you are a mother to many.

You are a role model to a number of ladies out there.

There are a lot of ladies who look up to you and

You will account for them.

If you had your own way,

Will you be proud if your biological daughter follows your every step?

If yes, then we are good to go

If no, then we got work to do

People will promote and hype you.

 Bloggers will make money out of your activities but

 In the end, what are the main achievements?

Maybe you should give it a thought!


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