I thought you should know this

It’s sad! It pierces my heart and kills my soul

To know that PROPHECY has gone wrong


It’s so obvious there’s a duplicate of anything God made to exist

My deepest worry is PROPHECY

Now, let’s roll

The gift of GOD can be operated by two things

Your human spirit or the spirit of God

That is why you can find a “Pastor” operating one of the gifts of the Holy spirit,

Yet, a different source of spirit


Take note! Every personality type has a level of intuition

That makes him or her feel something about someone

Few personality types have it so strongly and this is different from PROPHECY

Why do astrologers read peoples future?

Don’t confuse ability with operating in the Holy spirit

Your ability comes from self but the gift of the spirit comes directly from God

Your ability can be used by God if you allow HIM to drive you

The same way your ability can be used by any other spirit or the devil

If you don’t allow God drive you

You can be operating in a similar gift classified under the gifts of the spirit but

It could be controlled by another spirit

This is the main reason why we need to be very careful what we are told


What is your relationship with the LORD?

Do you seek him personally and privately? Or

You only seek him in gatherings?

The probability of an individual giving prophecy out of self is very high

You are prone to give ‘PROPHECY” to someone

As a result of what you personally feel about the him or her, perhaps,

Something you’ve heard or seen about the individual


Young ministers, let us be very careful what we call prophecy

Imagine the number of people been told things in the name of prophecy

Which is not in line with the actual plan of GOD for their lives or probably doesn’t exist

Imagine the number of lives been swayed due to prophecies giving out of self

Imagine the number of people who have lost faith in GOD

All in the name of prophecies given out of self


Dear young minister,

Don’t just feel like giving someone a prophecy

Allow GOD lead you

Everyone is in a hurry to prophecy

Just because the system makes it look like, if you do

It shows your level of spirituality

Which is a big fat lie


Your operation in the gifts of the spirit is far from your spirituality because spirituality is all about loving the LORD and your neighbor

Have you ever thought of what prophecy itself is?

A prediction of what will happen in the future

Walk with the LORD, not only in gatherings and

You will be able to tell if a false prophecy is given you or a prophecy is given by self

By the help of the spirit of the LORD



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