I do hear people say, “This is my friend”

Have you ever had deep thoughts about the word “friend”?

Is a friend someone you know?

Are there qualities you should find in a friend?


Does everyone you meet in life qualify to be your friend,

Though you ought to be nice to everybody?

Well, I think that a friend, a true friend must be RELIABLE

Interesting to be with and EXPENSIVE to acquire


A friend must be DETERMINED to be with

A true friend will accept you just the way you are and make you better

A friend will stand by you during the storms of life

A friend will defend you when you deserve and

Let you know when you go wrong

A friend will value you

It is lovely to have a friend but

A friend is one of the greatest influences in your life


Be careful who you choose or who chooses you as a friend

Who is your friend or who are your friends?

When you make a good friend

You make a good path in life



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