Have you ever wondered how snails get to their destinations?

It gets more interesting anytime I see a snail move

I do ask myself?

Does it have any idea where it’s going?

It will interest you to know that

Even snails get to their destinations


There is no way you can compare a snail to a bear

There is no way you can compare two different things with different features

A snail can never compete with a lion, yet

They all get fulfilments in life

No one knows how all the creatures got into Noah’s ark, yet

They all had the same destination point


Patience is one of the best assets one could ever have

Like a saguaro, the one who lives in the desert

Its fat after rain, fat with the water it is saving

Inside its great stem

Give it one summer storm

It can last a year, if it has to


The desert children learn to be patient

You never see them rushing

Neither do you hear them shouting

They say you plant happier corn if you take your time and

That squash tastes best

If you have sung it slow songs while its growing


We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve in life, yet

Most of us are not ready to go through the right process to attain success

I used the word “Right process” because

You find people go through processes that are not socially and morally accepted

Just to get there

Its very interesting to know that

You need to do what you did to succeed to sustain your success

You even move faster than the snail

Therefore, if the snail gets to its destination

You will surely get to yours as well






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