It is so obvious millions of people out there preach virtue and practice vices

Everybody lives for him or herself

It ironically looks like we live for others as well but

Deep within us, we sincerely know that it’s all about us


We make decisions based on ourselves

We act to favor ourselves

We work for ourselves

We pray for ourselves

We even raise our children for ourselves

Forgetting that they are gifts from God and will one day grow to serve the nation

They will one day grow to serve the world


Selfishness is not the best way of life

You and I need one another

In order make progress in life


Even Jesus himself, had disciples

He had all the powers to accomplish his mission all alone, yet,

He chose disciples, twelve disciples, to be precise


Sometimes, our ideas don’t succeed because of our motive behind it

Always check your motive behind anything you find yourself doing

If its selfishness driven

There’s no way you can go far with it


A Papago’s never say “This is my land, to do with as I please”

He says “we share”

We only share

They share the feeling of being together

In the desert of being desert creatures

A year that is hard for people

Is hard for scorpions too

It’s hard for everything!

How lovely it is



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