I visit the media and hear people’s view on gender equality and it saddens my heart. Where you get ladies fight so emotionally and sometimes, baseless, all in the name of fighting for their rights and men, fighting back all in the name of being men. I believe that every gender is very special and unique in each way. Though I do not believe in gender equality, I do not also, believe that women are weaker vessels. Men may be physically strong but women also have their unseen unique strength that has what it takes to break the strongest man in the world as Delilah did to Samson in the Bible. The Bible teaches women to be humble and submit to their husbands but this does not guarantee that men treat them anyway, anywhere and anyhow.

Being a man, the head of a family, does not guarantee you to beat your wife, embarrass or disrespect her in public. A real man who is the head of a family is a true leader. A real man does not prove his manhood forcefully, rather, he serves as a shield to his family, spiritually, physically and emotionally. All these three aspects are very necessary for a man, as the head of a family. Your success in serving as a shield physically and emotionally can result in a total failure due to failure in serving as a spiritual shield.

There is a saying that goes like “You don’t fight for something that’s already yours”. God ordained men as authorities or heads and nothing can change that. No woman or lady on the surface of the earth can fight that, irrespective of her level of intelligence, how smart or wealthy she is. Ladies, don’t fight me yet. Let’s take it step by step.

After God created Adam, He realized that he was alone, therefore, needed a help. God then took a rib out of Adam and made a help. She was identified as a help until Adam named her “Woman”. Every lady is a help to a man. Eve’s identity was given to her by a man, Adam. Adam was Eve’s source and God was their superior source.

The reason why some men fight with women over gender equality is because they have less knowledge of who they really are. A man who knows his place on earth will never argue with a lady over gender equality.

I strongly believe that, the cause of all these is misplaced priority with a lot of men out there. There are a lot of families out there that are destroyed. There are a lot of marriages out there, where women played the role of men just to save the family. The rate of broken homes is becoming absurd. The rate of street children is becoming absurd. The number of children in orphanages is just unimaginable. Where are our men? Where are our fathers? What have they been up to? I believe also, that, if men stand, do what is expected of them and play their roles as expected, there will be less of women fighting for gender equality.

Why should Mother’s Day be celebrated in a grand style than Father’s Day, when fathers play a major role in life than mothers, ordained by God? Our fathers have lost their pride and my question is, what is the cause?

Even two individuals, either of the same sex or different sexes, can never be equal because there is a saying that says “Not all fingers are equal”, which is absolutely true. Therefore, how can a man and a woman be equal?

I want to conclude by saying that, every gender is unique is his or her own way, therefore can never be compared or equal. It is wise for every gender to discover their unique features given by our creator, use it massively to make impact in lives and appreciate each other for their uniqueness in order to have peace in our community, homes and country.





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