The love of a mother feels so warm and cuddling.

She goes through so much pain to keep us in her womb for nine months.

All we knew and felt was her love,

All we knew and felt was her touch

All we knew and felt was her warmth


Until we grew to realize that, without a father, we wouldn’t exist

Without a father, a mother goes through hell to raise her children, all alone

Without a father, a lot of lives would have been a mess

Without a father, lives will not be directed.


Fatherhood isn’t a right but a responsibility

Anyone who takes up the responsibility of fatherhood is a true father disregarding biology

Fatherhood has nothing to do with biological rights.

God place people in our lives to act like fathers


Though you may not be our biological father

Some of us met you through others

Just like I met you through another great father

Others met you directly

In all this, you have been a very great blessing


Your sense of direction keeps us going

Your set of instructions keeps us moving

Your regular act of speaking life into our inner man keeps us fighting

And never wanting to give up

You fill empty potholes in our lives

You give life to every dead aspect of ours

You pick us and clean us up

After every mess

You are always there for us

You always got our back

You are a great and a rare source of inspiration to our generation


Pastor Jeremiah Owusu

A real man of God

A true father

As we gather here today

We wish you a happy Father’s Day from the depth of our hearts.

We love you daddy.

@Ekuba Ezia

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