As I sat in a public transport one evening, I thought;

Who is a female? Who is a woman? Who is a wife?

I chose to focus on the first two and,

Decided to pour out my thought on the third another time.

Just as my hair was been blown by the air, with my eyes closed in deep thought,

I came to the conclusion that,


A female represents the sex that can bear offspring,

Distinguished biologically by the production of gametes,

Which can be fertilized by male gametes.

I grew up thinking that, every girl will grow up to be a young lady and

Every young lady will grow up to be a woman, but

My habit of asking questions, made me come to the realization that,

Not every young lady out there, grows to be a woman.

It is a choice!


Circumstances in life, can make you a woman unknowingly but

It is wise when you consciously decide to be a woman,

Not just a woman but a woman with much worth.

Being a woman is your ability to consciously recognize the challenges or

Difficulties that comes with woman hood,

Finding solutions to them and enduring what can’t be changed.


Your ability to recognize the strength of your mind, heart and body as an individual

Because it differs from woman to woman,

Taking your culture into consideration.

Your ability to take responsibility of your life.

Being a woman, is when you go ahead to define your womanhood

Even when fear gazes at you.

Diane Mariechild once said;

“Within every woman is the power to create, nurture and transform”.

Strong women don’t play victim, point fingers or make themselves look pitiful.

It isn’t enough being a woman.


 I want to pose a question to you.

What is your worth as a woman?

 If only, you believe that, you are a woman.

Knowing your worth as a woman is a journey on its own.

It comes with questions.

Questions you need to boldly and sincerely answer without wavering.

Questions like

What is your purpose in life as an individual woman?

What is your temperament or your temperament combinations?

What kind of man suits your temperament?

What is the assignment of the man whose temperament suits yours?

Are you ready and willing to submit to his assignment?

What is your level of submissiveness as a woman?

Finding sincere answers to these questions make your journey easier and successful.

Knowing your worth as a woman,

Will save you from your choice with respect to career


Knowing your worth as a woman,

Will save you from dating over and over in the name of wrong choices

Knowing your worth as a woman,

Will save you from making some mistakes in life

I used the phrase “some mistakes” because

Every single individual is prone to make mistakes in life


Knowing your worth as a woman,

Will save you from so many problems in marriage.

Since it’s a journey,

Forget about the rough road you met behind you

Forget about the accident you encounter on your way,

Forget about the pain other passengers caused you,

Focus on your destination.

Your destination of a woman with worth, a worthy woman.

Above all, a worthy woman believes in God, the father, creator of heaven and earth and

Commits her every activity in God’s hand because

She knows she is nothing without HIM and can’t make it without her father.








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