There are a number of people out there who are called celebrities, yet, do not exhibit traits of a celebrity. Don’t you think we need to find our real celebrities? I am much concerned with finding our real celebrities because whoever is tagged as a celebrity has severe influence over the younger generation, the surviving future leaders. If precautions are not taken, a higher percentage of our generation and the upcoming generation will grow up imitating unaccepted behaviors. This has a very high tendency of affecting our nation negatively. The power is in the hands of you and I. You and I, make them celebrities by recognizing what they do and give them attention. Without us, they cannot be accorded as celebrities. By the way, have you bothered finding out who a celebrity is? 

Google says, a celebrity is a person who is well-known and get lots of public attention, or attention from other people.

Now, let’s talk! Whoever is a celebrity did something in order to be recognized right? Yes! Will you accept the fact that there are existing celebrities who add value to the community and the nation as a whole like Okyeame Kwame, Adjetey Anang, Nana Aba Anamoah, Kojo Antwi etc. and there are others, who do not basically add up to the community or nation. I am not in to mention names but I guess deep within themselves, they know they do not add any value to the nation, neither do they serve as a source of inspiration to our generation.

With this, my definition of a real celebrity is a person who has what it takes to add value to other lives, inspire others, well known and get lots of public attention for adding value to people and the nation as a whole. Someone, who brings glory to the nation. Such a person must be celebrated and this person deserves to be called a star because he or she shines out. Whoever is addressed as a celebrity must serve as a great source of inspiration to upcoming ones, not distraction. 

We are currently celebrating people who do not deserve to be celebrated and it is one of my greatest concern. I feel so sad about it because it only gives them more urge to misconduct themselves and influence the generation negatively. 

What is my country turning into? Anyone goes on social media with nude images and videos and the next minute, tagged as a celebrity. Anyone gets up, goes on social media to accuse men of having sexual intercourse with them just to gain attention and the next minute, video goes viral and then, tagged as a celebrity.  

Anyone out there who is been celebrated and does not serve as a source of inspiration or set good example to others must not be celebrated. Some of these people set very bad example to the future generation and has a very high tendency of destroying the nation.

 I stress on the fact that it has a high tendency of destroying the nation, because, a nation is not a nation without the people it’s made up of. The people in it, make it better or worse, with respect to their activities. This is not to condemn or say that everyone should compulsorily live descent and acceptable lives. My concern is that, not every attention seeker must be celebrated and tagged as a celebrity due to the high level of influence attached to a celebrity.

There are too many desperate people out there who do not have plans of working out anything productive. Most people out there are battling with finding their self-worth, therefore, they struggle to get recognized. They fight for no productive cause, rather than being famous or popular. Some people out there can be classified as being popular, rather than being addressed as celebrities.

 My question is, “Why do we hype people who don’t add any value to our lives and the nation as a whole?”.  Upon a discussion with the CEO of PHRONESIS media, we came to the conclusion that, we are the root cause of this, because they are no celebrities without us. We are the ones who celebrate them. I believe that our misplaced appetite for nude pics and other unwholesome things can be curbed and consequently they won’t have anyone to recognize them. I urge everyone out there to celebrate what is right and needful to save the younger generation, not forgetting our future leaders.  




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