I woke up one morning, gave thanks to God for my life, my family , especially my lovely wife and my child. Though I had several messages of threats from unknown contacts, I never made news out of them because I felt it was my private life. My wife was stabbed some time ago and this, has really been a cause for being extra careful. It was just by the grace of God that she survived. 

I made needed preparations for a program I had no idea what the outcome would be. I watched other artists walk up stage for awards. I had  none yet. I was still thankful to God though. Then, God being so good and my hard work being recognized, I was called out for an award. Few minutes later, I was attacked on stage by an opponent and with the fear of the past experience with my wife, I exposed a gun. I didn’t attempt to pull the trigger but the mere fact that the gun was on sight has been a great deal to me. 

Maybe I should have remained calm! Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t exposed the gun? The situation could have been more than this but in all things I give thanks to God. I pray that my brand doesn’t get affected because of my act of defense. This world wouldnt be a fair place if my brand gets affected for committing no crime. 

I guess we all have learnt lessons from what happened. Though some say that it is best to ignore but I believe that there is the need to fight back sometimes but in a way you wouldn’t get muddy. Its better not to react and lose, rather than overacting and tarnishing your image. I am very sure he has also learnt a lot from what happened. 

@Ekuba Ezia

2 thoughts on “DRAGGED INTO THE MUD

  1. That young man needs counselling; badly!!!!
    He may not intend to pull the trigger, but you are in the midst of hundreds of people, anybody can get shot by the little mistake your side.
    Guns are not toys to be played with, all in the name of defence.
    He really need counselling

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