“Ekuba have you stopped writing?  Are you sure everything is alright? Do you still write?” These are some of the questions I was asked by my readers. I had few reasons going for a break. Though my break isn’t over, I would like to share my thoughts with you. 

Having inner peace is the greatest tool anyone could ever possess. Since we live in a world, full of human beings, your toes will definitely be stepped on and vice versa. As I always say, life is full of choices. You are what you are today due to your choices. Someone may say ” Ekuba, it wasn’t my choice to be raped; My dad’s sense of irresponsibility wasn’t my choice; I didn’t choose my parents; It wasn’t my choice to be abused” and many more. Yeaa, I perfectly understand you. I love to put my legs in the shoes of my readers because that is the only way I can closely feel exactly how they feel about situations.

Inevitable things happen but my concern is your choice after that inevitable occurrence. The way you react to situations are also choices you make in life. It is your choice to possess inner peace in life, despite the environment you find yourself in or the negative things that come your way in life. Someone may say ” Ekuba, I love my mum so much and now she’s gone. How do you expect me to get over her? She broke my heart or He broke my heart and now I don’t know what to do; I just can’t get over him or her; I used my savings because of her; I lost my pride to him; He told me I am not beautiful; She told me I am good for nothing and a lot more. 

The only way to possess a peaceful life is to master your mind. When you master your mind, you master yourself. Jesus, won’t do this for you. He makes graces available for you to operate in but if you do not build yourself in those lines, there is no way you will partake in them. There are some things you need to train your mind or self to overcome. 

Possessing a peace of mind can help you greatly in life. A lot of people talk about focus. I believe that the root of all the qualities to achieve greatly in life is to possess a peace of mind. The foundation to possessing a true and lasting peace of mind is having Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior. I used true and lasting because there are individuals out there who have peace but from a wrong source. 

You need to learn to easily let go off grudges or anything that has what it takes to temper with your peace. This needs to be done on a conscious effort. Your peace can also be tempered with by battles of the mind. Consciously choose to fight battles of your mind because it can destroy you or mislead you. Have a clear conscience in your dealing with others and peace shall forever be yours. 

                                  EKUBA EZIA


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