MY FEARS by ekubaezia

I once heard that, in order to breakthrough in life, aside graces from God, I need to do things I’ve always feared. I did hear this and similar phrase on different platforms but I never gave it attention.

Growing up as a young girl, I desired to do some things but any time I attempted, I heard voices in my heard, telling me that I am not good enough. I have lived to fight voices that discourage me from exceeding my limits and I am still fighting.

If challenges, battles and mistakes were living beings, I will thank them for the exposure. They are a reason for me today, the woman I am becoming.

One day, I wrote down all my fears and decided to attack them one at a time. Funnily, rejection has been one of my greatest fears. When I had the opportunity to partake in Face of Faith Pageant Africa, I had a lot of thoughts running through my head. This time around, it wasn’t about not being good enough but “what ifs”. What if I’m evicted? What if I don’t pass through audition? What if people laugh at me when I’m evicted? The fear got stronger and stronger. As a result of this, I delayed in applying and I said a prayer, Lord, let your will be done with respect to this pageant.

I later applied and I passed through audition and qualified. Just being part of the audition has built me in a way. In the audition room, I felt so tensed and made a grammatical error I wouldn’t make on a normal day. That was when I realized how dangerous fear can be. I lost my self , due to fear. The me, was out of me. There was another me that I didn’t know of.

When I stepped out, I was broken hearted, asking myself how I messed up in the auditioning room. It was a battle with myself. I later realized how important it is to try your fears. I identified potholes with myself and quickly had to work on myself from there. I may not win or even go far as far as the pageant is concerned but I am grateful for the exposure. I believe that it is a platform for me to better myself for greater things ahead.

You can only break limits by fighting your fears, apart from God!

ekuba ezia


Who are you? What do you want in life? What are your plans for life? What do you want to achieve in life, as an individual? Every single individual out there will answer these questions differently. What does this tell you? Everyone out there is on a journey in life and this is the main reason why you need not compare yourself to anyone. You don’t have to feel intimidated by anyone’s success because you can never measure your success with someone you are not on the same journey with.

You need to understand that we are all unique in our own ways and nothing can change that fact. It was no one’s wish to be born in the midst of poverty. It was no one’s wish to be borne by a blind couple. Enough of the excuses, complains and blames. Complaining, shifting blames and making excuses will take you nowhere, neither will it turn your life around.

What is eating you up? Is it the fact that you didn’t get the opportunity to enroll in senior high school or tertiary? Is it the fact that you are fighting sickle-cell? Is it the fact that you can’t speak English language or you are not fluent in English language? Is it the fact that you can’t cook as a woman? is it because you couldn’t become the lawyer, engineer, nurse, medical doctor you wanted to be due to lack of finance or bad grades? Is it because you feel you are not pretty or handsome enough? Is it because you feel you don’t have a perfect skin color as those you admire? Talk to me. What is it actually? You tried so many times and failed?

All these doesn’t really matter. You are the one who has what it takes to give power to all the above to become a limitation in your life. Find joy in whatever you are doing now, so far as it is not social vice related and doesn’t go against anyone’s will. This is very necessary because anything around your life that does not glorify God and does not give you a feeling of satisfaction is a “BUT” and a “BUT” will turn your life into a contradiction of your faith. Begin to fall in love with whatever you find yourself doing. Wake up every morning, with smiles of hope and joy, knowing that perseverance and consistency produces results, irrespective of how long it takes.  Maybe you should side with Andrew Carnegie, who said “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do when they try to make me feel inferior”.

You need to be tough and believe in yourself because God believes in you enough to dwell in you. Don’t let anyone out there intimidate you. Let other people’s success serve as a source of inspiration and not a trigger of intimidation. Bill Cosby once said “In order for you to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”

Ekuba Ezia


Sometimes I wished I never woke up

To see or feel depression, disappointment, mistrust, failure

It baffles my mind why I do because

The battle gets very tough a times

And all I feel is to jump into the sea to be swallowed but

The sea wont swallow me for reasons I’m yet to discover

Growing up, I was told that choosing the right path comes with a price

I wondered what price it was

Till I began experiencing it

A world I live in

 A world where its systems only favors those who conform to it

It only takes the brave hearted to stand firm and do what’s right

Though we all have our downfalls but

Do you know what keeps me going?

The fact that God gives me the opportunity to see brand new days

Is a sign to know that HE’s not done with me yet

The fact that I still breath in the midst of hopelessness is a sign that HE hasn’t left me yet

The fact that my heart feels at peace in the midst of the storm is a sign that HE’s with me and

I’m not ready to disappoint HIM by leaving before my appointed time by committing suicide

Suicide isn’t an option because I don’t own my life

The creator does

In all my downfalls, mistakes, difficulties, successes,

I noticed that HE leads me when my trust is without boarders

He let me walk upon the waters wherever HE finds me

HE takes me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith is always made stronger in HIS presence

Because I always call upon HIS name and keep my eyes above the waves

I don’t know what you are going through but trust me

He’s still with you

Call on HIS name and HE will answer no matter the delay

@Ekuba Ezia


Everyone has got a journey because

Everyone has a destiny

My destiny may require a muddy road, tard road, dusty road but

Yours’s may not

Your journey may require somethings of you

Which I may not need in mine

There are too many religious activities going on out there, where

Some people, try imposing their activities or

Things they need on their journey on others in the name of spirituality

Which is even wrongly understood

You find some Christians being judgmental with others

Just because they don’t do what they do

Apart from the general path of Christ

Every journey or destiny in life requires a unique path for accomplishment

Never feel intimidated by the attacks

Apart from an authority who has a say in your life

Just focus, else you will be swayed

This isn’t far from us

It happens all around us

Maybe you haven’t noticed it

Interestingly, you can be swept out of your destiny by a Christian brother or sister and

Not necessarily, the devil

Just make sure you are convicted of your assignment and its related activities or requirement

Then, we are good to go

Focus on your journey till your last breadth

@Ekuba Ezia


To all the slay queens,

 I am not here to judge you

 I do admire you a lot, I truly do

Do you know why? Because

 You got too much energy, courage and nerve to do what you do

 Others may see the negative side but I see the positive side of you

Sometimes, I just sit down, wonder how special you are and

What you can achieve if all these qualities are diverted on the right path

You are too pretty on the outside but I see a queen on the inside

Do you agree with me that, you have what it takes to pull crowd, influence people and rule a nation?

 I believe that there are greater abilities inside of you , not discovered

Only if you will pay more attention to your inside rather than on the outside

Though the outside matters too

You will beor are a mother to many

You will be or are a role model to many

There are a lot of ladies looking up you

How do you feel when you are alone?

Are you ok with what your future daughter will learn from you?

Are you ok with what your younger sisters are learning from you?

People will promote and hype you but when its left with you and your creator

None of your fans  will be around to witness 

Maybe you should give a thought about it

@Ekuba Ezia



I thought you should know this
It’s sad, pierces my heart and kills my soul
The gift of GOD can be operated by two things
Your human spirit or the spirit of God
That is why you can find a “Pastor” operating in the gifts of the spirit, yet, a different source of spirit
Take note! Every personality type has a level of intuition that makes him or her feel something about someone
Few personality types have it so strongly and this is different from PROPHECY
Why do astrologers read peoples future?
Don’t confuse ability with operating in the spirit
Your ability comes from self but the gift of the spirit comes directly from God
Your ability can be used by God if you allow HIM drive you
The same way your ability can be used by any other spirit or the devil if you don’t allow God drive you
You can be operating in a similar gift classified under the gifts of the spirit but
It could be controlled by another spirit
This is the main reason why we need to be very careful what we are told
What is your relationship with the LORD?
Do you seek him personally and privately? Or
You only seek him in gatherings?
The probability of an individual giving prophecy out of self is very high
You are prone to give ‘PROPHECY” to someone as a result of what you personally feel about the person, perhaps, something you’ve heard or seen about the individual
Young ministers, let us be very careful what we call prophecy
Imagine the number of people being told things in the name of prophecy
Which is not in line with the actual plan of GOD for their lives or probably doesn’t exist
Imagine the number of lives been swayed due to prophecies giving out of self
Imagine the number of people who have lost faith in GOD all in the name of prophecies given out of self
Dear young minister,
Don’t just feel like giving someone a prophecy
Allow GOD lead you
Everyone is in a hurry to prophecy
Just because the system makes it look like, if you do
It shows your level of spirituality
Which is a big fat lie
Your operation in the gifts of the spirit is far from your spirituality because spirituality is all about loving the LORD and your neighbor
Have you ever thought of what prophecy itself is?
A prediction of what will happen in the future
Walk with the LORD, not only in gatherings and
You will be able to tell if a false prophecy is given you or a prophecy is given by self
By the help of the spirit of the LORD

@Ekuba Ezia


There’s no other place I will love to be than YOUR presence because

 In YOUR presence I find true love

In YOUR presence I find peace

In YOUR presence I find joy

In YOUR presence, I am content with all YOU have given me

In YOUR presence, I am content despite the pressures of this world

In YOUR presence, I feel renewed

In YOUR presence I feel refreshed

In YOUR presence, I am able to think right

In YOUR presence, I’m able to make decisions in line with your thoughts

In YOUR presence, I get Godly ideas

In YOUR presence, I feel unique despite the flaws the world sees

In YOUR presence, I feel a strong hope for the future

Is there any other place I will rather be than YOUR presence?

No! there’s no place I will rather be than your presence BECAUSE

In YOUR presence there’s nothing like MY PAST

MY heart always feels right in your presence.

His presence isn’t necessarily in a building or a gathering

I believe that where your heart, mind, body and soul are, God is there if only you seek HIM

I have felt HIM severally, alone

I didn’t need a crowd to seek HIM

I desire to be in the presence of my King daily

I don’t know about you 

@Ekuba Ezia